ngPlant 0.9.7 Released!

Major new features and improvements:

  • fixed a bug in fragment shaders code. Absence of “uniform” qualifier in sampler declarations caused shaders compilation errors in some configurations. Thanks to Milos Zajic for bug report.
  • “turntable” camera mode implemented. Mode can be set in “Preferences” dialog (“Control” tab).
  • mouse sensitivity can be changed via “Preferences” dialog.
  • curve in curve editor now can be reset to default state. Click on right mouse button on empty space inside curve editor and use “Reset to default” menu item.
  • curve editor size is now customizable via “Preferences” dialog.
  • You can switch between perspective and orthographic mode in 3d-view using ‘NUMPAD-5’.
  • sensitivity of several numeric controls changed to more appropriate values (“Length” parameter of “Tube” stem model and “Density” parameter of branching algorithm).
  • g-mesh import plugin improvement – now “g” lines in “.obj” files are silently skipped. In previous version “g” lines presence caused .obj file import to fail. Thanks to Edwin van het Bolscher for help with this problem.
  • now “.obj export” (built-in – not plug-in) produces more optimal files in sense of size and material switch count.
  • fixed a bug which broke pywrapper usage (introduced in 0.9.6)
  • ngpbench utility implemented. It is used for ngpcore profiling.
  • ngplant 3d-view update speed improvements.