ngPlant 0.9.5 Released!

Major new features and improvements:

  • ngpcore, ngput and pywrapper libraries now distributed under the terms of BSD License.
  • Now it is possible to add up to 8 branch sub-groups per branch (in previous versions up to 4 sub-groups could be added).
  • GLSL support added to ngplant. With GLSL support it is possible to see per-pixel diffuse lighting applied to plant models in real-time (normal-map support). Source code for shaders used by ngplant is located in “shaders/ngplant_default_vs.glsl” and “shaders/ngplant_default_fs.glsl” files.
  • Now it is more easy to build and use ngplant libraries under Windows. Thanks to Matthias Meyer for initial patches.

More detailed list of changes can be found in ngPlant package ReleaseNotes file.