ngPlant 0.9.6 Released!

Major new features and improvements:

  • New stem model – GMesh added. This model allows to use arbitrary meshes as stems or leaves. A most generic way to import mesh is to use “.OBJ import” plug-in available under “Stem model->G-Mesh->Import .OBJ” item of plant structure popup menu. Two other possibilities are: “Stem model->G-Mesh->Triangle” (triangle stems) and “Stem model->G-Mesh->Rhomb” (rhomb stems). Set of available meshes can be extended without C++ coding – new type of plug-ins written in Lua is used to create stem geometry. “plugins/gmesh_rhomb.lua” and “plugins/gmesh_triangle.lua” can be used as a base for creating other gmesh plugins.
  • ngplant scan plug-ins directory (it can be set in preferences dialog) for export and g-mesh plug-ins. Export plug-ins now are available directly under “File->Export to…” menu.