ngPlant 0.9.11 Released!

Major new features and improvements:

  • added Start RevAngle parameter to branching algorithm
  • added Origin offset X and Origin offset Y parameters to Quad stem model
  • added Apply scaling parameter to Wings stem model
  • added support for dummy branches
  • added export/import support to spline edit dialog
  • added Min. Offset <= Max. Offset constraint in Branching parameters panel (Cory Cohen)
  • added confirmation dialog to New, Open and Quit commands (Cory Cohen)
  • added optional command line argument to ngplant – .ngp file name to be opened (Cory Cohen)
  • improved automatic branch group name generation
  • added generation of default .obj/.mtl/.dae file name(s) to OBJ and COLLADA export plugins
  • fixed 3d-view refresh problem on Ubuntu (Cory Cohen)
  • MacOS X 10.7 support restored
  • P3DStemModelQuad::FillCloneVAttrBuffer(I) fix (always use scale factor 1.0 for clone data)
  • fixed (possible) crash on MacOS X 10.8 during texture loading
  • fixed handling of textures and branch group names with spaces in .ngp file format

Download link: ngPlant 0.9.11.