ngPlant 0.9.2 Released!

Major new features and improvements:

  • Wings stem model implementation. This stem model is useful for modeling palm leaves, ferns and similar ones.
  • Quad stem model improvements. Now Quad stem can be bent along its Y axis and scaled depending on its location on parent branch.
  • “simplefern” plant model – example of Wings stem model usage.
  • High-level interface for C++. This programming interface allows to use ngPlant models in real-time 3D applications. Documentation for HLI can be found here. ngpshow application (very simple plant viewer) is an example of using HLI in real-time 3D application.
  • Python bindings for ngPlant HLI. Now it is possible to create plant models exporters and viewers using Python programming language. Python extension module documentation can be found here. script (.ngp to .obj exporter) shows how to create .ngp exporters using Python.

More detailed list of changes can be found in ReleaseNotes file.