Building ngPlant with Visual C++

Before compiling ngPlant with Visual C++ make sure you have the following prerequisites installed:

To get latest version of ngplant from code repository use the following command:

hg clone ngplant

Building ngplant using Visual Studio IDE

Add wxwin environment variable which should contain the path to the directory where you installed wxwidgets files.

Make sure that PATH environment variable contains the path to python.exe.

Open ngplant.sln solution file with Visual Studio and build all projects.

You may need add path to your wxwidgets dll’s to the PATH environment variable in order to run ngplant.exe.

Building ngplant using scons

Now go to newly created ngplant directory and create build configuration file inside config directory with the following content:

WINDRES = "rc"
WX_INC     = WX_DIR + "\\include\\ " + WX_DIR + "\\include\\msvc"
WX_LIB     = ""
WX_LIBPATH = WX_DIR + "\\lib\\vc120_dll"

Replace <MY_WX_LOCATION> string with the path to your wxwidgets files.

Build ngplant with the following command:

scons config=msvc ngplant/ngplant.exe

Now you will have compiled ngplant.exe in ngplant directory. You may need to copy wxwidgets dlls to this directory or make them accessible to the system any other way (for example, by adding path to dlls to PATH environment variable) in order to run ngplant.exe.